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Our Story

In July of 2008 a group of music educators and enthusiasts formed the non-profit organization Music City Youth in the Arts. Their goal was to establish a new DCI drum and bugle corps in Nashville, Tennessee. A web site was set up as a means of measuring interest in the region for a new drum corps. In less than one month several hundred joined the web site's mailing list. This level of interest lead the board of directors to the decision to proceed with fielding a drum corps for the 2009 season.

In order to establish the most stable foundation for a new drum and bugle corps, the board of directors decided that the first season would consist of a limited rehearsal and touring schedule. Keeping the membership fee as low as possible during difficult economic times was also important. The plan proved to be a wise one. The 47-member inaugural corps performed with a confidence that befuddled audiences who could hardly believe Music City was a first-year corps. The fan-friendly show kept toes tapping and faces smiling everywhere the corps performed. Most importantly though, young people had the time of their lives while learning valuable life lessons such as responsibility, teamwork and respecting others.

In 2010 Music City Drum and Bugle Corps stayed on the path that was so successful its first year. Stability in a young organization being paramount, Music City again utilized a limited rehearsal and touring schedule in order to keep the membership fee as low as possible. The 64 members of the 2010 corps performed its "River Sounds" show to appreciative audiences in nine states.

The 2011 edition of Music City saw increasing the size of the corps a top priority. The corps more than doubled in size as 145 members performed its program of famous "dance" tunes.

The corps' larger size in 2011 attracted a more skilled group of new members in 2012 and 2013 as Music City placed in the top 25 in DCI's World Class Semi-finals for the first time.

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